Beautiful Upcycling in Guatemala

February 13th, 2017|upcycling|

On my recent visit to Guatemala to help catalog a collection of beautiful vintage huipiles, woven women's garments, we went wandering around [...]

Pay-As-You-Go Solar Lanterns are a Gateway Product

May 31st, 2016|africa, cell-phone charging, solar, solar lights, solar powered appliances|

Azuri PayGo Energy – clean-energy.facebook.jpg The initial demand for distributed solar, electricity generated right in the household rather than wired from a grid, is lighting. […]

Women in the Construction Trades: Reinventing Wilma Flintstone

May 29th, 2016|construction, Dining For Women, income generation, inequality of opportunity|

Learning the fine points of ceiling fan installation – photo: Cindy Ariel, ThinkOutsideOfTheToolbox From the time of the Flintstones, men have been the technology gatekeepers while women are the traditional experts in weaving and textiles, as well as wielding cooking and domestic tools. […]