These girls are planting a tree at a Earth Child Institute Ghana program.

These two young girls are so tenderly planting a young tree; somehow they look like little saplings themselves.

Earth Child Institute has an ambitious goal: planting a tree for each child on earth, which adds up to a billion trees.

Trees can do a lot of magic anywhere, but in impoverished, low resource areas, they are astoundingly effective workhorses.  They help improve soil and counteract erosion. They provide fruits and sometimes even edible leaves, for livestock, income generating projects and for human consumption.

They provide a carbon sink for the whole planet, so do a great job of providing local and global environmental benefit.  And they are classic protectors of other crops, and can be very effectively companion planted to help improve crop yield.

ECI even has a birthday party program – each guest is given a tree planting certificate.  Beats a goodie bag hands down!