I am so grateful to family, friends, and professionals who contributed time and talent to help me produce this book. – Betsy Teutsch

Thanks – Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, & Skype –

for facilitating my learning about and communicating directly with initiatives, social entrepreneurs, humanitarian technologists, practitioners, development workers, NGO professionals, researchers, journalists, photographers, and other experts working hard, all over the globe.

Thanks, TinEye.com

for being an indispensible digital photo search tool.

Thanks, TEL

For partnering on this project. When the Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.41.23 AM logo appears in the book, it indicates readers can learn more about that tool at TEL’s extensive data base.

Thanks, Rob Goodier, Aaron Greenberg, Emily Kunen, Ruthie Lissy Rosenberg, Lauren Shaughnessy, Paul Scott, and Hansdeep Singh –

for indispensible advice, guidance, and great suggestions.

Thanks to my family: my husband David Teutsch, my daughter Nomi, my son Zach along with Becca and their precious new daughter Shulamit, my sister Sally Koslow, and Johanna Resnick Rosen and Micah Weiss –

for the myriad ways you have all supported me and this creative process.

Thanks, Sophia Gluskin-Braun, Hannah Shirey, Nomi Teutsch, Gabe Walker, and Danielle Yorko –

for your editorial and research skills!


Rachael Aptowitz – for introducing me to to the Zimba Chlorinator
Aaron Greenberg – for introducing me to Maya Pedal
Lynne Iser – for introducing me to WorldPulse
Abby Fifer Mandell – for introducing me to Misoprostol to stanch post-partum hemorrhage
Karen Maristed – for introducing me to Maiti Nepal
Debbie Rogow – for introducing me to Unite to Light
Dr. Linda Scott – for introducing me to Maka Pads and to Jita Bangladesh
Dr. Howard Spodek – for introducing me to WIEGO
Jill Van den Brule – for introducing me to Violet Health

Thanks, Elizabeth and Thomas Israel –

for introducing me to appropriate, eco-smart technologies for the developing world. This book would not exist without your passion and pioneering hard work in this field, creating GreenMicrofinance Global, Ltd.

Thanks, Miranda Spencer –

For introducing me to She Writes Press.

Thanks, Dining For Women friends, Minyan friends, and cherished friends of many decades: Bobbie Breitman & Avruhm Addison, Elaine Dushoff, Helen Feinberg, Dayle Friedman, Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, David Mosenkis, Joyce Norden, and Mindy Shapiro –

your support and enthusiasm cheered me on!

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for your expert consult.

Thanks, Dr. Cindy Ariel, Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, Brighid Blake, Dr. Emily Blake, Amy J. Cohen, Hannah Sarah Faich Dini, Tom Fowler, Jan Frisch, Julie Hankin, Linda Schibel, and Josh Soref –

for generously lending your proofreading skills.

Thanks, Dana Raviv at Catchafire

for introducing me to Balaji Manji and the terrific initiatives at Technology Exchange Lab.

Mega thanks, Dr. Susan Holck –

for providing not only generous, extensive professional analysis but also endless moral support.

Thanks, Pamela Gabell, Fran Kelly, Tara Kulp, and Joyce Thomasson –

for helping me keep body and soul together as I forged ahead.

Thanks, Joysa Winter –

for copyediting.

Thanks, Dr. Cindy Ariel, Amy J. Cohen, Lee Dushoff, Judy and Chayim Herzig-Marx, Drs. Tamar and Thomas Jacobson, Ann Mintz, Gloria Reisman, Margaret Shapiro, Donna Shaver, Dr. Wendy Smith, Anne R. Sudduth, Weavers Way Dining For Women’s Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Chapters and DFW Bookgroup –

for your moral support and help as I slogged through this project!

Thanks, Uri Friedman (Global) and Rebecca Rosen (Business) –

my awesome editors at The Atlantic.

Thanks, Maryanne Schiller and Amy J. Cohen –

for envisioning the educational applications for 100 Under $100!

Thanks, Sharon Hake and Great-Dames

for your showcasing and excitement about this book project, from Day 1!

Thanks, Betty Londergan, Linda Scott, and Marsha Wallace –

for your confidence there would be an enthusiastic audience for this book!