Panasonic has introduced a portable solar lantern to the growing collection of off-grid lighting options.
To celebrate, they are running a contest titled Cut Out The Darkness, inviting paper cut designs which will be turned into solar lantern shields.  They are really beautiful!  Many of the countries where they will help off-grid people access light have paper-cutting cultural traditions, so this could inspire people to have a lot of fun with the concept.
Panasonic is a Japanese company, and celebrates Japanese papercutting and lanterns.
Hat tip Mindy Shapiro, a paper-cutter friend.
They will be donating lamps to low-income people.  Perhaps not the best approach, but the lamp looks very attractive.  (see below.)

In this project, we call for online entries of lantern shade designs.
One hundred designs will be selected based on an online poll.
Using the selected designs, we will produce lantern shades
and send lanterns with those shades to people living without electricity.