At studio NY1 with Tara Lynn Wagner

At studio NY1 with Tara Lynn Wagner


Featured five times on Teen Kids News, 2016-2017 Season.

1. Betsy is featured demonstrating Solar Water Disinfection, Wello Water Wheel, and a Liter of Light.

2. Below, Betsy is featured on Teen Kids News, demonstrating solar LED lights with cellphone chargers. Check out Unite to Light.


3. In this Teen Kids Episode, check out Betsy from 14:07-18:00 demonstrating Wonderbag, an update on energy-saving Thermal Retention cooking.

 4. Catch Betsy explaining from 10:37 to 14:00 how urine, which is almost completely sterile, is a great fertilizer, for free!

With Tara Lynn on NY1 – “Gifts that Give Back” featuring Buy One Give One tools from the book.

5. Cellphones, even the most basic “feature phones” are immensely popular in the developing world, providing a leapfrog technology that skips right over landlines. Catch it at 9:39-13:27


Interview with Rabbi Wayne Dosick on Spirit Talk Live/ Health Life Network – 1.20.16
Interview with Alex Smith on EcoShock  – January 2016

“In the media, all we see or hear are relatively wealthy people talking among themselves. Billions of global poor are missing. Many of them are women. Our guest Betsty Teutsch has collected Earth-friendly ideas and technology to help them.”

Barry J. Moltz – Business Insanity Talk Radio – 1.8.16

49:45 – Where do you start in empowering women around the world?

50:30 – How cell phones are impacting women globally.

51:30 – The impact solar lamps are having in the developing world.

Radio Red – BlogTalk Radio – 11.30.2015 – Read My Lips with Bonnie D. Graham

Interview can be accessed below. My portion of the interview begins at about 35:58.

 The Maggie Linton Show – 11.24.2015 – click below to hear the show!

 Articles by and about Betsy Teutsch & 100 Under $100

Business Fights Poverty: Featuring 100 Under $100  -“The world’s largest network of Professionals harnessing business for social impact.” – August 25, 2015

“With an impartial but caring eye, a passion for women’s wellbeing and crystal clear prose, Teutsch describes the essence of the innovations, and converts statistics into accessible facts and stories. The author’s experience as a writer and calligraphy artist—where structure and harmony are supreme—shines through.” – Daisy Ouya

Women’s WorldWide Web Interview with Betsy Teutsch

“The writing of 100 Under $100 never felt like work, not for one second. It was so inspiring to read these stories of women who had really come up with great solutions and were giving their time and energy and their talents to help women around the world.”

A Conversation with Betsy Platkin Teutsch: Repairing the World Through Art

The Who, What & Why of the Artistic Process

We sat down a few days ago with Betsy Platkin Teutsch, a prominent figure in the contemporary Jewish renaissance, the author of 100 Under $100, One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women, and an accomplished Judaica artist, renowned for her captivating ketubot, ceremonial objects and book illustrations. Here are our questions and Betsy’s answers.  “The world’s largest network of Professionals harnessing business for social impact.” – August 25, 2015

The Daily Forward Sisterhood: Lessons of Tselofehad Resound in Modern-Day Botswana

“While researching my new book , I was astonished to encounter a 2013 High Court ruling in Botswana, the culmination of a five year legal battle waged by four elderly sisters, Edith Mmusi (then 80), Bakhani Moima (83), Jane Lekoko (77), and Mercy Ntsehkisang (68). These gutsy women petitioned, appealed, and ultimately triumphed in their quest to inherit their father’s property.”

Peace Corps Connect –  Summer 2015 – “Recommended by Our Readers”

“The size, format, and stunning photography makes 100 Under $100 a lovely coffee table book; however, it is clear that Teutsch’s intention is to have this book used a s a resource for teachers, aid workers, and development professionals. If I could wave a magic wand, every PCV would be equipped with this invaluable treasure trove of inspiring ideas.” – RCVP Amy Cohen, Director of Education, History Making Productions

Agroforestry Among ‘100 Under $100’ Tools for Women’s Empowerment

Daisy Ouya writes from Nairobi’s World Agroforestry Centre. “With an impartial but caring eye, a passion for women’s wellbeing and crystal clear prose, Teutsch describes the essence of the innovations, and converts statistics into accessible facts and stories.”

FoodTank’s 2015 Summer Reading List

FoodTank, a premier site focusing on sustainable food, chose 100 Under $100 to head up its list! “This compelling book examines the effective, low-cost solutions available for helping women in developing countries out of poverty. Teutsch reviews a variety of opportunities for women, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the tools available to empower women and alleviate poverty.”

Forbes Features 100 Under $100 – Adam Forrest

Author Betsy Teutsch includes the WaterWheel alongside a wide range of other, simple, low-cost business solutions to poverty in her new book, 100 under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women.

A Femme and Fortune Interview with Betsy Teutsch

Betsy: “I wanted to raise awareness among people in a position to help that there are already terrific, affordable solutions for many problems poor women face; the challenge is financing and distribution. Impoverished women work incredibly hard day-in and day-out – as farmers, merchants, laborers, and of course as care-providers. They should not be spending their time walking hours to find water and lugging it home, collecting wood for fires to cook over, or trying to find a place to relieve themselves because they have no safe latrines. It is crazy that so many women in the world have been passed over by the 20th century. No electricity, no running water!”

Betsy Teutsch at the Wesleyan Civic Engagement Blog

“Grads, you are never done figuring out what you want to do when you grow up. Keep on looking for the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

University of Delaware Lecture at the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship

Highlighting the ingenuity of ColaLife, utilizing a market solution and supply chain management to increase the use of Oral Rehydration Therapy to treat children’s diahrrea by a huge percentage.

RainSaucers Rainwater Harvesting Features 100 Under $100

Tom Spargo, founder of Rainsaucers, reflects on meeting Betsy Teutsch at a book event in Castro Valley, CA.