Marsha Wallace, co-founder of Dining For Women, now over 8000 members strong with 400+ chapters.

Marsha Wallace, co-founder of Dining For Women, now over 8000 members strong with 400+ chapters.

A review by Marsha Wallace.

100 Under $100: 100 Tools for Empowering Global Women is an elegant synthesis of incredibly low-cost/high-impact ideas and creative solutions for addressing global poverty and women’s empowerment. As co-founder of Dining for Women, an 8,500-member nonprofit dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty for women and girls, I know that people want to be part of the solutions that end global poverty and promote gender equality.  100 Under $100 proves that anyone can make a difference.

100 Under $100 showcases innovative, inexpensive, proven solutions to many of the complex problems of inequality and human suffering. Multiple entries offer a variety of solutions in wide-ranging issue areas from health care and technology to food security, effectively addressing many of the problems that impoverish and oppress. Solutions create opportunity, and opportunity inspires hope, igniting the innate agency of individuals to self-determination, the lack of which is the true definition of poverty.

Readers will appreciate the gender lens acknowledging poverty’s disproportionate impact on women and girls. Rather than fueling the notion of women as passive victims, 100 Under $100 demonstrates the strength and capability of women to pull themselves out of circumstances of lack and onto paths leading to greater health, education, food security, and wellbeing.

Every entry offers suggestions for readers to get involved. People want to be inspired, to have hope, to believe in the possibility of a world free of extreme poverty and to know that they can be part of creating the world they want to see. 100 Under $100: 100 Tools for Empowering Global Women offers readers exactly that!

Marsha Wallace is the co-founder of Dining For Women. About a dozen initiatives funded by Dining For Women are featured in the book’s entries and photographs. Dining For Women sells 100 Under $100 on their website; 30% of the proceeds go directly to DFW to empower more women!