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A woman-to-woman microinsurance transaction.Credit: John Owens 9/8/2015 – W4 had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy Teutsch, author of 100 Under $100, which makes vividly clear some of the challenges faced by the billion-plus most impoverished women in the world. These women suffer a dearth of resources, education and access to health care, and have to deal with discriminatory legal and financial services. […]

Goats: Grazing Out of Poverty

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Photo: N Siddhu - FlickrGoats are popular poverty-busters. They eat most anything (so they must be watched) and can survive drought. [...]

Agroforestry: Planting Trees on Smallholder Farms

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Belize, by Sustainable Harvest -Empowering farming families in CentralAmerica to restore forests and nourish their communities. Deforestation - often the result of trees [...]

Fertilizer Trees: Raising Maize Yields

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This farmer in Cameroon has benefited from intercropping her maize withcalliandra trees.  Photo: Charlie Pye-Smith, World Agroforestry CentreCompanion planting is [...]

Super Foods for Nutrient Delivery

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Photo: Karen HomerMary Oyunga, pictured here, is an African scientist who studies Vitamin A deficiency, and addressing it with OFSPs [...]

Biochar: Carbon Capture that Improves Soil

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Improving soil with biochar in Cameroonbiochar-international.orgBiochar isn't very photogenic - it is carbonized plant matter. But when added to soil, [...]

Picture of the Week: Hunt for Sack-Gardening Turns Up A Treasure

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An amazing picture from Rikitembizi's BlogA large and lovely task connected to writing 100 Under $100 is searching for just [...]

The Chicken AND The Egg: Picture of the Week

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100 Under $100: the Global Women's Toolkit will highlight tools and technology from many different sectors:HealthWater Sanitation/HygieneConstructionInformation Communication TechnologyDomestic TechTransportationDistributed EnergyClean [...]

Women-Grown Organic Produce: Abalimi Bezekhaya

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This photo by Amber Breitenberg really shows the strength of women farmers!Global Giving sponsors a wonderful program is South Africa, [...]