Pay-As-You-Go Solar Lanterns are a Gateway Product

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Azuri PayGo Energy – clean-energy.facebook.jpg The initial demand for distributed solar, electricity generated right in the household rather than wired from a grid, is lighting. […]

Time Poverty: Women and Girls Work Too Hard to Generate Income

By |September 24th, 2015|cellphones, efficient cooking, female farmers, income generation, solar powered appliances, The Gambia, Water|

This blogpost was written for a favorite blog of mine, Dr. Linda Scott’s DoubleXEconomy. Technology has the power to help impoverished women in low-resource areas radically increase their productivity and escape poverty. This is precisely what happened over the last century in the developed world: the innovations of household electricity and running water unleashed a parade of labor-saving devices. […]


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A woman-to-woman microinsurance transaction.Credit: John Owens 9/8/2015 – W4 had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy Teutsch, author of 100 Under $100, which makes vividly clear some of the challenges faced by the billion-plus most impoverished women in the world. These women suffer a dearth of resources, education and access to health care, and have to deal with discriminatory legal and financial services. […]

Who Doesn’t Want Better Kitchen Equipment?

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Industrialized world women have had their pick of labor saving tools for so long we've lost sight of it. But [...]

Solar-Powered Water Desalination

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Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti has been working on his open source Eliodomestico Solar Water Desalinator for quite a few years. [...]

100 Under $100 Picture of the Week: Solar Ear Designers Discussing their Solar Charger in Botswana

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Sarah and Akangang, pictured above, two of the co-founders of the Solar Ear project in Botswana.  They helped invent the [...]

Solvatten: A Solar Solution to Clean, Safe Water – Scandinavian Style

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Mom and daughter in Haiti can use the sun to purify their waterTo donate towards Solvatten purchases in Haiti, click [...]

A Solar-Powered Sewing Machine — Works Fine!

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Looking for sewing machines that would run on solar panel generated electricity, I found Jude Lally, a creative stitcher indeed. [...]