Pay-As-You-Go Solar Lanterns are a Gateway Product

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Azuri PayGo Energy – clean-energy.facebook.jpg The initial demand for distributed solar, electricity generated right in the household rather than wired from a grid, is lighting. […]

100 Under $100: Teacher’s Dream Book!

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Laskhmi Venkata, a widow who has inherited her husband’s property, can now support her sons. Photo: Deborah Esposito Thanks for this educator’s response to 100 Under $100, posted on Amazon by Maryanne Schiller! October 1, 2015 “As a veteran educator, I love this highly engaging, stunningly beautiful, totally uplifting, wonderfully accessible, highly useable book! It is an antidote to doom and gloom, an intelligent guide to mind blowing real solutions to real problems, and tribute to those worldwide who are working so hard to change the conditions of extreme poverty that can be overcome … especially if we educate and include our youth properly. […]


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A woman-to-woman microinsurance transaction.Credit: John Owens 9/8/2015 – W4 had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy Teutsch, author of 100 Under $100, which makes vividly clear some of the challenges faced by the billion-plus most impoverished women in the world. These women suffer a dearth of resources, education and access to health care, and have to deal with discriminatory legal and financial services. […]

Disaster Tool: Luminaid Inflatable LED Lights

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Luminaid lamps are quite beautiful,  translucent LED hanging lanterns. They have a mounted solar charging panel, so they provide great light, [...]

School Bag Solar Lights – an Old Idea Reborn

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Hindustan Times Photo: the school bag is fitted with a solar charger and LED light - voila! - lights to do [...]

Photo of the Week: a new artform – Solar lantern paper cuts

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title: TOGETHER author: GABRIELLI KUHNPanasonic has introduced a portable solar lantern to the growing collection of off-grid lighting options.To celebrate, [...]

Portable Solar LED Lighting: I Love Luci – Photo of the Week

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13 year old Amina Ibrahim Abdallah of  theUNHCR camp Doro Mabaan, South Sudanholding her Luci solar LED lanternphoto by Sebastian [...]

Why Women Need Solar Lights at Home

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Sometimes a picture says it all - who can take advantage of what little resources there are.  In the Washington [...]