COOL TOOLS: Addressing Women’s Time Poverty – at CSW16

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Join me for a public lecture on tools that help impoverished women do tasks more efficiently. Valuing women's time [...]


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A woman-to-woman microinsurance transaction.Credit: John Owens 9/8/2015 – W4 had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy Teutsch, author of 100 Under $100, which makes vividly clear some of the challenges faced by the billion-plus most impoverished women in the world. These women suffer a dearth of resources, education and access to health care, and have to deal with discriminatory legal and financial services. […]

How Passion and Pinterest Led to 100 Tools that Empower Global Women

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“Recipes” to try from this gift copy of 100 Under $100 – in Tanzania, courtesy of Girls Education Collaborative, by Anne Wadsworth. How Passion and Pinterest Led to 100 Tools that Empower Global Women Great Positive’s “Inspiring Us”  Blog Series Meets Betsy Teutsch, Author of “100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women” 1. Betsy, what cause are you passionate about and why? […]

Kudos to Lucky Iron Fish (Tool #54)

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Adding the Lucky Iron Fish to cooking pots lowers anemia. Lucky Iron Fish is a tool I bring with me to talks to show off as a great example of a low tech/high impact innovation. We have known about anemia forever, and here is a very low cost approach to enhancing iron intake. […]

Featured on Book Q&As With Deborah Kalb

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Laskhmi Venkata, a widow who has inherited her husband's property, can now support her sons. Photo: Deborah Esposito [...]

Marsha Wallace: 100 Under $100 Offers Proven, Practical, and Powerful Ideas

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Marsha Wallace, co-founder of Dining For Women, now over 8000 members strong with 400+ chapters. A review by [...]

Biochar: Carbon Capture that Improves Soil

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Improving soil with biochar in Cameroonbiochar-international.orgBiochar isn't very photogenic - it is carbonized plant matter. But when added to soil, [...]

Parabolic Solar Reflector Cooking – Clean and Green

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Photo: Solar Cooking WIki - P-Solar, MoroccoParabolic solar reflectors are large though portable. A pot or kettle is suspended, or set [...]

Handwashing: a Low Tech/ High Income Basic

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Handwashing is one of the most impactful, basic public tools around. Even in water scarce regions, handwashing can be managed [...]