Bottle Bricks Come to My Home Community, Mt. Airy

By |January 8th, 2016|bottle bricks, Global South export to the Global North|

One of the hundred tools, bottle bricks (#74) intrigued me from the beginning. The concept of taking all our inorganic [...]

Kveller Post: Safer Births for the World’s Poorest

By |April 22nd, 2015|Clean Birth Kits, Global South export to the Global North, health, Kangaroo Mother Care, Safe Birth|

My son Zach with his newborn daughter, skin-to-skin Kangaroo Caring. Photo: Johanna Resnick Rosen This piece of mine went up at Kveller today. Enjoy! The excited voice at the other end of the phone was my son Zach: Our daughter-in-law was pregnant. We were over the moon with this happy news. Visions of grandparenthood flashed before me, but I also knew I was in for some jarring contrasts. During Becca’s pregnancy, I was holed up writing my book “100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women,” featuring affordable solutions for helping the world’s poorest women work their way out of extreme poverty. In many regions of the world, birthing mothers and their babies routinely die from complications that can be prevented with tools that cost less than a latte. Joyfully tracking a North American pregnancy while writing about women and newborns denied even the basics of prenatal and newborn care certainly highlights the inequity of the global birth lottery. […]

Photo of the Day: ColaLife Hitches a Ride with Coke to Save Kids’ Lives

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Poster: Guy Godfree  for ColaLife, by permissionAdd six T. sugar and ½ t. salt to one liter of clean water. Mix, give to [...]

Photo of the Week: The Hay Basket: Low Tech, Free, Tried & True

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This young lady definitely wants to see what's cooking.  Insulating hay baskets are excellent for cooking large quantities of food, [...]

Keyhole Garden by A Good Foundation: Picture of the Week

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Lerato Thakholi grey-waters the compost basket of a Lesothokeyhole garden, a project of A Good Foundation, founded byPaula Washington, of Nova [...]