Time Poverty: Women and Girls Work Too Hard to Generate Income

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This blogpost was written for a favorite blog of mine, Dr. Linda Scott’s DoubleXEconomy. Technology has the power to help impoverished women in low-resource areas radically increase their productivity and escape poverty. This is precisely what happened over the last century in the developed world: the innovations of household electricity and running water unleashed a parade of labor-saving devices. […]


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A woman-to-woman microinsurance transaction.Credit: John Owens 9/8/2015 – W4 had the pleasure of interviewing Betsy Teutsch, author of 100 Under $100, which makes vividly clear some of the challenges faced by the billion-plus most impoverished women in the world. These women suffer a dearth of resources, education and access to health care, and have to deal with discriminatory legal and financial services. […]

Land Titles: Prosperity Boosters

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Champa Sabar, a farmer in Odisha, India, shows her new land title, which is in the joint name of [...]

Improved Crop Storage Bag = Food Security Upgrade

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Photo: One Acre Fund - Jeannette from Kamabuye village, Huye district in Southern province of Rwanda, with rice Purdue University's improved crop storage [...]

Urban Sack Gardening

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Photo: Cooper Hewitt: Design for the Other 90% - Kibera Garden-in-a-sackBag gardening gives urban residents a method of providing homegrown [...]

Tools for Women’s Farmer Groups: Seeders, THreshers, and Grinders

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Female farmers in low resource regions still perform tasks by hand that take hours, or even days. With a shared [...]