Women in the Construction Trades: Reinventing Wilma Flintstone

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Learning the fine points of ceiling fan installation – photo: Cindy Ariel, ThinkOutsideOfTheToolbox From the time of the Flintstones, men have been the technology gatekeepers while women are the traditional experts in weaving and textiles, as well as wielding cooking and domestic tools. […]

Meeting Up with the Founder of Rainsaucers – Tom Spargo

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  Rainsaucers has tested their design in Guatemala, where it was well-received. Tom Spargo, founder of Rainsaucers, an innovative design for rainwater harvesting useful both in the USA and in the developing world, joined us at Castro Valley’s Dining For Women book event. Here is what Tom shared on the Rainsaucers blog: “It’s easy to lose focus when you run a busy startup.  Sometimes you need to be reminded about why you started in the first place. […]

Featured on Book Q&As With Deborah Kalb

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Laskhmi Venkata, a widow who has inherited her husband's property, can now support her sons. Photo: Deborah Esposito [...]

Marsha Wallace: 100 Under $100 Offers Proven, Practical, and Powerful Ideas

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Marsha Wallace, co-founder of Dining For Women, now over 8000 members strong with 400+ chapters. A review by [...]

Launching 100 Under $100 with Dining For Women and Whole Planet Foundation

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My book's official launch was for International Women's Day. To celebrate this, I was invited to a Dining For Women [...]