One of the hundred tools, bottle bricks (#74) intrigued me from the beginning. The concept of taking all our inorganic trash (we’re talking plastic everything, from freezer bags to candy wrappers, old batteries, and dozens more items) and upcycling it into building material is a win-win. And since they don’t require firing in a kiln, like conventional bricks, they have zero carbon footprint. In the developing world most of this trash is burned, highly polluting. In the rich world, it is landfilled, very wasteful. Below is the recipe for making the bricks. The contents must be densely compacted, which takes a lot of effort. Weigh your bricks to make sure they are tight enough – you should be able to stand on one without it collapsing.

A local school, Plymouth Meeting Friends, will be building a GaGa court, and possibly a raised bed with bench.

bottle brick DIY flier w BT ID