Bertha Mjawa, from the Prime Minister's Office (MIVARF). Tanzania

Bertha Mjawa, from the Prime Minister’s Office (MIVARF). Tanzania

When I published 100 Under $100, I hoped there would be ways to get the book to practitioners in the developing world who could make direct use of the tools. Surely there would be ideas new to most any expert, since it is impossible to keep up with so many innovations.

The Postharvest Education Fund,  ID’ed in Tool 67, Improved Crop Storage, does great work training experts on crop preservation. It is one of the smartest ways around to maximize yields. Perhaps not as sexy as some high tech interventions, but certainly–literally–low-hanging fruit.

The PEF purchased a batch of 100 Under $100 to give as gifts to graduates of their courses. I love knowing the books are literally in the hands of people who can share the ideas,  run with them, modify them for local conditions, and generate new ideas.

Meet Bertha Mjawa. I received this note and photo from Dr. Lisa Kitinoja, head of the PEF. Made my day!

Dear Betsy,

Bertha Mjawa is one of the women in Tanzania who has received one of your signed books as a gift from PEF.

She is an agricultural extension specialist working on a big value addition and market improvement project for the Prime Minister’s Office (MIVARF). She sent me this photo today with a note on how pleased she is to see so many good ideas that she can share and work on with her clientele.  LK