100 Under $100 explains, in easily understood prose, the challenges faced by the world’s billion+ most impoverished women. These women work incredibly hard, held back by a dearth of resources and education, little access to health care, and discriminatory legal and financial services. With better tools and expanded access, women’s hard work will be more productive, yielding better outcomes for them, their families and their communities. The highlighted tools will provide women a toe-hold to climb the ladder out of extreme poverty.

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Betsy will be donating one dose of Misoprostol to Life for African Mothers for each paperback copy of the book sold here.

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Front cover photo: ©Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press, Courtesy of Photoshare
In rural Rajasthan, India, Vijaylaxmi Sharma, 24, escaped her own child marriage ten years ago and now helps save other young girls from this tragic cultural tradition.


This book is an inspiring, flexible resource tool, designed to be useful for a wide variety of readers and settings, including:

Primary and Secondary Students: the book integrates information from many different disciplines. Some content and practices are simple enough for children to replicate. Late primary through secondary teachers will find many ways to use the information, photos, and suggested projects in school settings.

College students: the book includes exciting, cutting edge innovations as well as classic practices across diverse fields including

  • Public Health
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Humanitarian Technology
  • Women’s Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environmental science

Students seeking service learning and internship opportunities can explore the book’s many suggestions.

Adult learners: Clear suggestions for reader engagement at every level will allow adult readers to find a place for themselves in the story – how they can help. Service organizations’ work, such as Rotary, is highlighted.

Activists: The book is loaded with a multitude of opportunities for volunteering professional skills and clear suggestions for advocacy. Voluntourism suggestions are included as well.

Philanthropists: whether micro or mega, the book includes many worthy NGOs. It also highlights promising social businesses seeking impact investments both from individuals and foundations.

Practitioners: those immersed in professional endeavors rarely have time to explore other fields. This book presents a survey of activity and issues across 11 sectors focusing on low income populations; learning about them can facilitate broader understanding and promote synergies.

Praise for 100 Under $100

The book is fantastic! 100 under $100 showcases human ingenuity solving seemingly intractable problems in elegant and sustainable ways. I felt my world expanding as I pored through the ideas that Betsy Teutsch has collected. What a valuable teaching tool—with writing so clear and accessible, students will be able to grasp complex problems and creative solutions; teachers will appreciate the endless ideas for service learning and meaningful involvement!
Amy J. Cohen, Director of Education, History Making Productions
Beyond being an engaging and inspirational read, 100 Under $100 provides tangible ways of creating women’s empowerment opportunities globally. In smart and accessible prose, Betsy Teutsch aptly underscores the powerful impact an organization can have if it takes into account the complex needs of the whole person. Teutsch’s 100 Under $100 is an invaluable resource for those looking to dedicate their lives—or a few dollars—to the cause of women’s empowerment worldwide.
Kennedy Odede, Founder and CEO, Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)
Betsy Teutsch has found some of the most brilliant yet simple tools that can be used in real-life settings to improve the lives of women challenged by poverty. While the writing is accessible to the lay reader and the examples selected are aimed at specific problems, the scope is sufficiently broad that even the most tech-oriented and development-savvy folks will find something new. The photos brilliantly illustrate the many faces of women who benefit from using these tools, and help make this book a pleasure to read.”
Susan Holck, MD, former Director of Reproductive Health, World Health Organization
Women do the majority of the work in many communities of the Global South. Betsy Teutsch’s book of one hundred tools is a smart and effective approach to building local capacity. Grouped into eleven sections ranging from health to subsistence farming to legal practices, the choice of tools is as insightful as it is practical, as interesting as it is important. Those new to this subject will find a heartening introduction. Those with more experience are unlikely to be aware of the full range of tools on offer.
Thomas Jacobson, Director, Master of Science in Globalization and Development Communication program at Temple University
What a resource! Betsy Teutsch has assembled a fantastic guide for all who are dedicated to building a better world, especially for women
Linda Scott, DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and founder of Power Shift, the Oxford forum for Women in the World Economy
Global health is the most rapidly expanding and exciting area of public health. Teutsch’s book is a fascinating toolbox that will enthuse and empower public health students and professionals. This book effectively translates the usual theory-based curricular content to a virtual DIY learning lab. The range of doable and affordable tools for energy, sanitation, nutrition, agriculture, health, finance, and law will stimulate many to act positively to alleviate global poverty and gender-based inequalities.
Frank Franklin, MD, MPH, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham
100 Under $100 is a formidable accomplishment. It should be mandated reading for people in the NGO and aid worlds; it is so full of interesting information valuable to everyone who cares about conditions in the developing world. Teutsch’s writing is clear and succinct, and the organization is very reader-friendly. I especially like the book’s identifiers—positives in green and negatives in red—as well as the action-oriented notes at the bottom of each entry. And the photos enliven it all!
Brighid Blake, African Sisters Education Collaborative/Sisters Leadership Development Initiative
Betsy Teutsch’s book 100 Under $100—solutions to issues for women and girls in the developing world that work and that are relatively cheap—is an incredible read! You’ll be amazed and inspired.
Donna Shaver, Dining For Women – Vancouver, WA
I love this book. As a mother of the first preemie in our NICU to do Kangaroo Mother Care, a lactation consultant, a feminist, and an activist, philanthropist, and global citizen, the book resonated with me on multiple levels. My experience with collective giving through Dining for Women gives me perspective to appreciate people’s power to make an impact. 100 Under $100 has immense power… I love that DFW has supported so many of the featured initiatives.
Marsha Wallace, co-founder of Dining for Women
In 100 Under $100, writer, artist and activist Betsy Teutsch showcases creative, low cost tolls that are helping the world’s most impoverished women improve their lives. You’ll learn about one dollar eyeglasses, eco toilet biodigesters, biochar briquettes, and bike powered machines that pump water and shell corn. Inspiring, yet practical, lavishly illustrated and loaded with suggestions for reader engagement, this book is a gold mine for entrepreneurs, designers, philanthropists, and all who seek to expand opportunities for global women.
Marc Gunther, Editor at Large, Guardian Sustainable Business US
100 Under $100 is absolutely beautiful and a great resource and overview of how people can get involved in helping women worldwide.  Great work!
Stacey Edgar, Founder, Global Girlfriend & Among Women Collection, author Global Girlfriends: How One Mom Made it Her Business to Help Women in Poverty Worldwide