Laskhmi Venkata, a widow who has inherited her husband's property, can now support her sons. Photo: Deborah Esposito

Laskhmi Venkata, a widow who has inherited her husband’s property, can now support her sons. Photo: Deborah Esposito

October 1, 2015

“As a veteran educator, I love this highly engaging, stunningly beautiful, totally uplifting, wonderfully accessible, highly useable book! It is an antidote to doom and gloom, an intelligent guide to mind blowing real solutions to real problems, and tribute to those worldwide who are working so hard to change the conditions of extreme poverty that can be overcome … especially if we educate and include our youth properly.

Aside from giving students hope and easy access to 100 stunning successful programs worldwide, this book is a teacher’s dream resource. It is a spectacular work with multiple uses in many modern classrooms at many levels from middle to high school and beyond.
Its format makes it a perfect resource for many subjects:
  • Global Studies
  • World Cultures
  • Humanities
  • Sciences
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Women’s Studies
  • Economics
  • Law 
  • Politics
Teutsch signing book with University of Delaware students

Teutsch signing book with University of Delaware students

Although the book has fascinating technological fixes like plastic bottle solar lights and key hole gardens (Technology or Biology) other ideas involve legal changes like Universal Birth Registration and new Inheritance Rights for widows (Economics or Law). Some additional ideas include change in traditions like the eradication of forced marriages of girls, or replacing female genital mutilation with alternative rites of passage (Sociology, World Studies, Humanities).

Teachers can use the book with the whole class or for individual projects. Exploration can look at regions of the world or develop over select topics like health, finances, or technology, to mention a few. Teachers can plan group or individual web based research or community service projects as suggested within each program description. Teachers/learners can then contact experts and program leaders for further information and consultation.

Each topic /program is described in succinct language, with color coded negative and positive aspects, exquisite pictures, quotes from experts, suggestions on what individuals and/or schools can do, and resources for further exploration.

The Afterward provides the educator with an exceptional list of supporting movies and videos, women humanitarian tech stars to study/contact, service opportunities and more. 

Alternative Rite of Passage Replacing FGM

Alternative Rite of Passage Replacing FGM

If you are not an educator, this would be a perfect gift for your favorite teacher, your local school library, or a young adult. It challenges one’s creativity, one’s sense of possibility and one’s integrity (service projects) as it offers an alternative view of the future in which women, children and the planet are valued and justice gives way to peace, health and sustainability.

Thank you, Betsy Teutsch!”

Maryanne Schiller, teacher, Philadelphia, Pa.