This woman in Ghana is speaking on a celkphone attached to a phone charger, designed and sold by BurroBrand, which markets energy solutions for people without electricity.  (There are about 1-2 billion such people in the world).

Look at the red paste in the basin on the lower left – pepper and spices – crushed on a mortar known in Ghana as an apotoyewa, with a wooden pestle. You can practically taste and smell it. Burro tells me she is preparing soup. (Now all she needs is an Improved Cook Stove to multiply her benefit from inexpensive, energy-sipping technologies.)

She is recharging her mobile phone while watching her pot, like most everyone I know.  More people in the world own cellphones than toilets.  They have changed our world, giving access to information, social connection, and mobile money, and allowed people to connect to the larger word in myriad ways.  Cellphones are fun to use.  It is that simple.

Cellphone charging is now right next to lighting in driving demand for energy. More and more solar lamps include cellphone charging function.

Burro, send us the recipe!

Burro was founded by Whit Alexander. His brother Max has written a book about their adventures in Western Africa, creating a business model to help address energy poverty, Bright Lights, No City: An African Adventure on Bad Roads with a Brother and a Very Weird Business Plan 

Burro, send us the recipe!